Friday, January 5, 2007

The Unicorn Thing Again

Would you believe it?
My 4 and a half year old niece in Dubai, I learn, when I get there, ALSO has her very own unicorn.
And GET THIS! Its white with a purple mane and tail.

Deja vu.
History really does repeat itself. Goodness.

This particular unicorn is named Pegasus, except, when she pronounces it, she says Pe-KAW-sus and stares at you wide eyed while saying it.

One afternoon in the sunlit hall, I managed to convince her that Pekawsus had once belonged to me, that I had sent him to her, and that he had flown accross the seven seas to reach her, with those flimsy little wings of his. (Kids today are so gulible... rolls eyes)
Pekawsus, understandably, made no comment.

Soon, however, that became a favourite bedtime story. How I had bought him, about how I grew up, and then she had been born, and how I had said that he'd better go to Dubai to meet her, and about his journey accross the seven seas.
This was accompanied by Pekawsus performing short re enactmants of his perilous flight. This was naturally, the highlight of the whole event.

A fine specimen that Pekawsus is. Very cutely adorable, with a handsome glittering horn and a healthy glowing coat. He even comes in his very own special pink furry basket.

:-D ha ha
laughs some more
Oh... the saga continues... and continues...


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