Saturday, January 20, 2007

Reality TV. How Real?

I love The Apprentice.
For all you ignorant bums referred to in my earlier post, it is a reality series that... oh, just go google it.

I love the show. Just my kinda thing. I love the teams, the strategies, the justice. Don't you just love it? How can someone not enjoy the Apprentice? Gives me a high. A rush, to see who deserved to be fired, get fired, and see those who didnt, . . . er, not be.

Well, for quite sometime, I've been thinking. How real is it all?
And by quite sometime, I mean today, after I watched it.
Its so very easy to edit these kinds of shows. Is what we see ALL thats really going on?

The reason I got to thinking, was that this season, for the first two episodes, I noticed that the person I really badly wanted Mr Trump to fire, did in fact get fired. The person I wanted him to reprimand, was in fact reprimanded. The one whose values I liked, and wanted him to praise, he did in fact praise.

It wasn't like that in the first two seasons at all. Alma Rosa, or whatever that freak in the first season was called, didnt get fired till almost the very end.

At first, on observing this, I thought, "Oh my goodness. Business has suddenly become my calling. I must get a letter pad and envelope and apply to the Trump Organisation immediately. How they will rejoice on finding someone who echoes Mr Trump's sentiments exactly!"

But a saner voice inside my head told me to think about it for a second you darned nut.
And I did.
My opinions were made on the basis of what I saw. What I saw, was decided upon by the editors.
Its been quite a few years since the first season. What if by now, they've wisened up?

What if, the editors wait (lurking about in dingy corners and alleys, if you like), to see who Mr Trump fires, and then work the entire editting around playing up that person's stupidities, so that the viewers want him fired, and so that when he finally is, they get their finish-of-the-episode rush, end up feeling all triumphant and endorphin-filled, and thus get operently conditioned into watching the series again?

Its all very possible you know.

Also, candidates who are actually behaving ridiculously, but who Trump doesnt seem to realise are, could be in on a cover up.
(That line does not make sense. Let me re-phrase.)

Their behaviour could be being masked, so that viewers arent angry that this hasnt been acknowledged, and dont feel like not watching the series again.
(Whoa. Now thats something even you can understand, isnt it? . . . NOT. I've confused even myself there. Lets try again.)

A candidate's bad behaviour might not be shown on air, if Mr Trump hasnt acknowledged and condemned the behaviour. This way, the viewers dont feel indignant that it was overlooked. Instead, they feel happy that everything turned out the way they wanted it to, the way it should be. Thus, having experienced such triumphant feelings, they are eager to watch the show again. Ratings go up. Producers make money. Sneaky skulking little editors in their dingy alleys are paid for all their efforts. Everybody's happy.

But then its not right is it? Not real.

I dont know. I could be totally wrong. There've only been 2 episodes. I'll watch the rest of them before I make up my mind.

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