Friday, January 26, 2007


There are loads of them. Oshsays.
You know, things that Osh says.
Yes, yes. I know.
I could have picked a better name. I could have.
But I've been calling them Oshsays in my head for so long now, that nothing else seems right.

Oh, I just love Osh. She is just so funny. She's smart, and very articulate. She has words in her vocab that I might have heard of, but would never think to put in a sentence.
And she's brilliant at spur of the moment public speeches.

Lascivious mouth.
Thats what she said in the spur of the moment speech in PK's class, remember Snum? When we were asked to make that presentation that we were so unwilling to do and hence did not prepare for at all? He literally had to force us on stage. Well, we got through it and even managed to scrape a Good Job! at the end of the day,
but even in our endless joy at the ordeal all being over, we were dumbfounded at Osh's abilities.

Osh is... why am I explaining Osh to you?
know Osh.
Perhaps its because I hope to get a little... ahem... monetary renumeration? (refer Sudden Sleepover point 7)

Anyway its all in the way she speaks. She speaks brilliantly. The Oshsays are missing a critical element if you arent hearing her say them.

Here are some of them.
1. I'm too bored to yawn.
Her expression added to the effect. We were in 4E's class. Great teacher he is. He was showing us around the college. Describing structures to us. The architecture and the sculptures.
Whats that? Oh, it was communicative english class. (look that says, that should answer all your questions)
It was my second time around, so you can forgive me for not paying attention. The other batch hadnt done this yet. All this was new to Osh. And that is when she made her assessment of the class with our first little Oshsay.

2.We'd taken to narrating funny little incidents to each other in order to pass time. This was one Osho's.

"Jay told me a joke which was not remotely funny. I said to him, I said " If you think that was funny, then I certainly need to think."
(insert confused expression)

Absurd she is. :D How I do love her. So much fun. :)

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