Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sudden Sleepover

Thats what we had on Sunday. Well sudden it was for me at least. Snum's parents were over in Bangalore from Hisar, and trying to get out as much as she could from their visit is something the typical snum would do.
So she called 10 friends over for dinner. Her mother of course (poor dear) would have to cook.

Thing is, Snum lives on the other side of the universe. So I was pretty much resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be going. Until 7.30pm that evening. The TenZen calls and tells me she's going by car. Would I like to come along?
Unlike certain evil munches I know, The TenZen lives on this side of the universe, and hence, this was wonderful news.

In 20 minutes which included a lot of reprimandings about spur of the moment planning, and a lot of me scurrying about the place stuffing clothes into my bag (I would have to stay on that side of the universe for the night, due to it's being too far away from my side), I was sitting in the TenZen's car on my way to a Sudden Sleepover.

1. I drank alcohol. As soon as I got there. It was camouflaged in this bottle and flavoured with cranberry so I didnt know until I'd taken a sip and with a horrific grimace, read the label. 2% alcohol apparently. Breezers. Beb drank 7 bottles I think. Zz was the one who tricked me into it. (Angry look) Take advantage of my sudden arrival and the surrounding commotion, will you Zz? Wait, you just wait. :-P

Why the hell would anyone drink that? Yueechh. Bitter and icky it was. Yueechh.

2. Me Zz and Beb escaped to the calm serenity of the outside. Sat next to the lotus pond and chattered. (That sounds better than chatted) Threw stones at the window which opened out from the mini disco everyone else had started up. This however did not cause the disturbance we'd have liked.

3. Shared knowing looks with Osh at least 17 times.

4. Had an absolutely scrumptuous meal... macaroni and cheese, salad etc, and this lovely chocolate biscuit pudding. Snum's mum... Muah. :-)

5. They others left and the sleepover girls remained, like the flowers on a tabubiah tree do in spring. Hee hee.
Me Zz Osh and Snum, of course, we couldn't exclude her, it was her house after all.

6. We ate dinner. The rest took FOREVER to finish. Me Osh and Zz were sitting on the white couch in the secluded little corner watching them. Snum was being the perfect hostess as usual.
Actually, it was me and Zz at first, until Osh came over, admonished us for bing noisy, and then promptly joined in the noise.
Zz was reading Snum's prized possession: her newly bought Calvin and Hobbes book and discussing about whether we were Calvins' or Hobbes'. Apparently, I'm a Hobbes. Osh is a Calvin. I have no idea how they came to that conclusion.
When that topic had run dry, they began discussing about whether or not we could write books on one another.
Osh said she'd pay anyone who could come up with more than 3 pages on her a million dollars. Zz and I thought we'd try, but we were too lazy to get off the sofa.
Zz was "not talking to me" because I didnt know something about her that I've now again forgotten (if only you weren't so boring, Zz). You and merking, I swear.

7. It was 10.30pm. We hogged. Zz and Snum kept taking food off my plate. It tasted better off mine than off theirs appaently. Weird logic.

8. Snum's parents did the Forest Personality test and laughed a great deal at it/us, can't be sure which.

9. We went upstairs, it was 11.30pm. Changed (Snum looked like the Buddha for a short interval) and then proceeded to laugh ourselves silly over everything, Osh included.

10. At 1 am, we put on Just Like Heaven, a movie, on the comp. Reese Witherspoon and Mark(?) Buffalo(?). Very cute. Had to watch it till the end. It was 3.15am.
Decided we'd finally sleep. But ended up talking instead, calling Zz "Scheißen " at regular intervals and laughing hysterically.

11. It was 4am, they were hungry. Snum went to the dining room to get eats. Came back squealing hysterically that "There was something breathing in the dining room!" When we had rolled our eyes sufficiently enough, they ate. Later Snum started a whole whining session about crumbs on her bed. She later informed us that at around 6am, she had moved to another bedroom.

12.At 5.45 am I decided that now would be a good time to sleep. I rolled over and fell asleep.
3 seconds later, Snum woke me up. Except, it was 7.30am. Darn. Considered not going for the "very important class on our research papers". Decided we wouldnt and plonked back to bed. We were still laughing hysterically. Zz wasnt. She was under the covers mumbling death threats at us for having woken her up.

13. 8.05am Me and Osh are ready (Don't ask how we managed that fast, I have no idea) Zz's still not out of bed, Snum is compulsively ironing her pant. We leave. Take a while to find an auto. Get one.

14. The chilly wind hits my face as we sit there. I've forgotten my jacket in The TenZen's car. We reach coll with 10 min to spare.

15. Grab a sandwich from the cafeteria and plonk in class.

16. Bedraggled Zz and Snum arrive later. Weirdly, we arent sleepy. At least I'm not. But after the holi crap class and its 1pm, I decide to go home and sleep. The thought of just 2 hours of sleep freaked me out. Missed only one class. Snum had low attendence and had to stay. Zz went to sleep. Osh carried on as usual, braving it through the day.

And thats how it ended

17. Osh's dialogue of the day "Our class is nothing but a bunch of assorted hooligans."
Zz's most repeated sentence "I'm not talking to you." We learnt not to take that one too seriously.
Snum's most funny noise (among a medley of others) "Shhhhh!" followed by "My grandma is sleeping!" This, we blatantly ignored.

All in all it was major fun. Memories. :-)

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