Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Snum Zz Osh and Me. You couldnt find a lazier bunch of bums anywhere in the world, I'd be willing to bet my life on it. Each of us had set our mobile alarms, like the responsible undergrad students we are. Each of us, for 7 am.
Morning came. The air was peppered with the sounds of alarm clocks every five minutes.

Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Groan. Shift. Grunt. Grumble. Snooze.

And repeat.
They rang, we snoozed. They rang, we snoozed. They fell off the bed, we slept on. Nothing could come between us and our sleep. Nothing.

At 9 am I realised we simply HAD to get a move on if we wanted to make it in time for 10 o' clock class. If we could just make it there, like Osh said, we could succumb to the sleep again, in the soporific safety our classroom. We just had to drag ourselves there in time.

We did, by some miracle. Only, class had been cancelled.


PS said...

You know, that happens surprisingly often. I mean that classes that you try hardest to get to often get cancelled.

But the waking up extra, extra late happens quite often as well. Not surprisingly though. :)

vaccinatedtarantula-II said...

Bums!!!hahahahaha. I like it..its hilarious :-D

Sharanya said...

Yes yes...i believe i cuffed my cellphone on the speaker at one point. It dint like it much...revolting till today it is. I think Parnika is still shuddering at the thought of how fast i drove and how many near misses we had that day to get to class on time.

Mr.H said...

"Beep-beep. Beep-beep. Groan. Shift. Grunt. Grumble. Snooze."

Gotta get back to college in another month.your article reminds me of the impending doom :'(

prickles said...

same case here ;) we call it bed-hanging.
--wanderlust from The NITK Numbskulls Page

The Muddled Mind said...

I'm still missing a few eyelashes from that hellish ride, shar!!