Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Summery

It feels like decades since last month. Absolute decades. The Hellish thing was, as much as I hate to admit it, a good idea.
No doubt, it completely ruined what would have been 30 days of blissful nothingness (during which time I'd've cribbed non-stop about how useless I was feeling) and no doubt it drastically cut down the number of movies I saw this summer, and no doubt we werent paid a penny for all of our "hard" work, but still. It was a good idea.

I feel I've really learned something. I have grown since April.
Its true. Cheesy choice of words, but there you go.
Plus, there are the articles. All 21 of them. (16 with bylines, 5 without, and three of the 16 front page!!) Thats not bad for a 30 day stint.

At first it was kind of torturous, you know. Having to call up or email or meet people you didnt or vaguely knew, because you needed to get information for an article. But you get used to it towards the end, and kind of begin enjoying it. It became like clockwork.
The people at office were really nice as well.

Overall, twas a good experience.
I'm pretty sure that I shall look back at it in the future and Awww over it annoyingly.
A nice summer :)


PS said...

The little girl has grown! :P

You would have got really fed up of yourself, you know, if all you had to do was sit around at home all day for those 30 days.

MM said...

Yes, Im pretty sure I would have.