Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just read it

Thats Anne Hathaway on the right.

I saw her on TV recently, and I was rather shocked. It was only for a brief moment, she was saying something about how she loves Elton John, because it was his birthday, and "you feel only love, for anyone on their birthday", but the clip left me with a nagging feeling.

I get that feeling sometimes when Im trying to figure out what something reminds me of. Its a horrid feeling, just wont go away.
Her face... it resembled something so strongly, I just had to figure out what it was.
And then I realised.

It's startling how much like a mad squirrel she looks.


I mean, dont get me wrong, I like her pretty much. Princess Diaries, Devil Wears Prada, Other Weird Movie Where There's That Girl From Bend it Like Beckham in it Who's Plays Her Best Friend...
All great.

Its just, the resemblence she has to a tree-dwelling omnivorous manical rodent... its uncanny!


PS said...

The mad squirrel returns to haunt you, eh?

Here's something else that I noticed, that just might interest you - that pic up there resembles another that I've seen quite closely... of a certain someone with a Dino Morea.

Tell me if I'm crazy. :P

La said...

thats what the mad squirrel looked like, huh?

Well, see, I really, sincerely, thought you were talking about someone else... like, erm... a certain person with a... *ahem* three-fourth smile?


Really MM, if you look closely, the resemblance is uncanny! :D

Let this someone know its a compliment. I like her too...

PS said...

I think we're both talking about the same thing. :)

MM said...

Its her eyes, you know. That’s what reminded me of the squirrel.

Have you seen the way she keeps them wide open at times? (when she is hyperventilating, or is shocked or is processing information or is happy or is just about to kiss someone. Basically every 30 seconds that she’s on screen) She has a mad squirrel glint in them then, that makes her resemble so much, the squirrel I met. Perhaps her pupils dilate or something, dont know.

I like her and all. She just looks like a mad squirrel sometimes, thats all Im saying.

I would also just like to mention here that I do not look like a mad squirrel, despite what the two ninnies above have said.

Both have lost their heads. Gone slightly off their rockers. They tend to do that from time to time.

@PS: You're crazy.
@La: Thanks :P Thanks a bunch.

La said...

:D :D :D

hahaha! mad squirrel! :D

You're funny MM, you really are...:D :D

the Monk said...

Dear Lord, but I sure wouldn't have minded a squirrel that looked like ehr cooped up in our bathroom.

PS said...

Do you know what state you're in?

It's called Denial.



And here I was thinking that it was the scary fixed grin. :)

MM said...

@The Monk: Hahaha. :D Sigh. If only you'd gotten the mad squirrel instead of the boring one. :)

@PS: Oh, if you simply refuse to make any sense then please stop commenting on this post.
Are you saying I look like a mad squirrel? Ok then, bugger off.
Are you saying I look like Anne Hathaway? Ok then, thanks! Are you saying I have a scary fixed grin? Then congratulations, you're right!

Anyway whatever you're saying, it's not worth the effort. Comment on some other post. Im tired of this one.