Wednesday, June 13, 2007

People and Pink

Have you noticed how many people dislike pink?
I'd go so far as to say that it has become cool to
hate the poor colour.
And what did it ever do to anyone, might I ask?

To say you like pink, is blasphemy. You are automatically an airhead, are mocked at, ridiculed, laughed at, looked down upon.

Poor pink gets pulled up all the time.

other colour is at the receiving end of such discriminatory behaviour.
Nobody has got beaten up for saying they liked blue, have they now?

What is it with people and pink? Its hilarious the amount of varied reactions you get if you mention that you like the colour.

"Pink???" accompanied by shocked expressions and wrinkled noses.

(The part I personally find most irritating. Makes me feel like giving them a good proper flick.)

Its as though even if you do like pink, you MUST, at all costs keep it a secret from the disapproving eyes of society.

Its as though liking pink is dangerous behaviour and must be stomped out immediately.

Another priceless one is:
Oh.” PAUSE for 5 seconds. “Pink.” (disdainfully)
This usually comes from someone who looks you up and down uncertainly, thinking ‘This must be someone with some weird mental disorder. I had better walk away quickly, just in case it’s contagious.’

Another that is quite amusing to witness:
“” (in disbelief)
The owner of the mouth that says it thinks you might perhaps be taking him for a ride.
'Its alright if you like pink, but to say you actually do?', he thinks, 'That just isnt done! Something isn't right'.
His eyes dart around while he is talking to you and he has the air of someone who expects at any second some tv crew with a host to jump out of a nearby tree, and ambush him screaming “You’ve been framed! Ha ha! We've tricked you properly!”

Well, I'm one to fight for the underdog.

Pink deserves a chance! Dont dismiss it off because of Legally Blonde and scary peers who will threaten to beat you up! Dont join in with the wrinkling noses just to be accepted by the majority! If you like it say you do!
And if you dont, refrain from being so judgemental! Dont expect everyone to like the same things you do! Dont make judgements based on silly things!

Let us be accepting of this poor ill-treated colour. Next time someone says they like pink (and they will, after reading this post, I'm sure), just grin and bear it. Accept. And we can make this world a better place to live in.

(wipes tear away silently from left eye)


the Monk said...

*wipes tear away silently from right eye*

La said...

you know, it's strange, but people have something against yellow as well...

PS said...

You've opened my eyes, and helped me come out of the closet. I like pink! There I said it!

I think the thing with yellow is how it can resemble dung at times. :)

Sharanya said...

Pink!??? HAHA (points and laughs at tearful munch)

La said...



poor yellow! so misunderstood...

PS said...

Yeah! No one campaigns for yellow. Pink always manages to grab the attention.