Monday, June 25, 2007


I really liked the movie. Laughed so much. Albert Brennaman is the funniest thing. Especially when he dances. I totally enjoyed it. :D
The dialogue made absolutely no sense whatsoever in some places though.

In the last scene:
Hitch runs after car carrying Sara Melas and Other Guy in it and jumps a-top it.
(through sunroof): You’ll never be fine, and neither will I!
Sara stops car in shock, Hitch falls on road, Sara gasps.
Other guy:
Maybe I should drive.
Sara to Hitch:
Are you trying to get yourself killed?
If that’s what it takes. (?)
Sara’s sister: Sara what happened?
Sara: He jumped on the car!
Sara’s sister: Why?

Hitch: Because that’s what people do. They leap, and hope to God they can fly. Because otherwise, we just drop like a rock, wondering the whole way down, why in the hell did I jump. But here I am Sara, falling. And there’s only one person that makes me feel like I can fly. And that’s you.

(*Pauses to stare expectantly at you*
Seriously... what??
Did you understand that?
No, tell me. I'm dying to know what he meant.
This dialogue wasnt meant to be dumb.
There are some parts in the movie where the characters are supposed to sound like they have mashed peas for brains. This was not one of them.
He hadn’t hit himself on the head or anything in the previous scene, I checked.
There was all this senty music was playing in the background. I watched and listened carefully.
And Sara was all like "Ooo he's saying something really deep and meaningful! I think I'm falling for him!" during the whole bit.)

Sara: So you kinda like me huh?
Hitch: Nah, I love you. I loved you since…
If I say it back now it sounds so stupid.
(Sara, sweetie, nothing you could say would sound more stupid than what Hitch told you just now. Go on. Tell him that you love him. Aww.)

Oh well. Despite some of the dialogue-that-doesnt-make-sense, the movie is a complete laugh riot. And that Brennaman guy is absolutely brilliant.


PS said...

Kinda corny, yes... but what did you not understand?

MM said...

Did you not read the post? The highlighted Hitch dialogue.

La said...

grammar (god i hope i spelt that right, i misspelled it in school once and my teacher made me write it down fifteen times and i was her favourite)... damn it! now i dont remember what i had to say! stupid parenthesis!

*ahem* sorry....

MM said...

I have been told that this dialogue does make sense.
Ok, well, if you try to find meaning in it, I suppose you can.
Its the grammar thats way off and makes the whole thing seem like gibberish.
Its like something my sanskrit teacher would say. Urgh. Messing up the plurals and tenses and leaving out important articles, assuming that the sentence still makes sense. You should just SEE the text book she wrote for us. Perhaps I'll type out exerpts of it, Im so angry at it. Rubbish book that cost 60 bucks and is falling apart after a week.
Anyway, the grammar Hitch uses here is all wrong.
"WE just drop like A rock wondering the whole way down, why in the hell did I jump"?
Excuse me for being a stickler.

La said...

ah yes. that is what I meant to say! :D

MM said...

First few sentences of first chapter, exactly as it is, nothing edited.

"The man since, time in immemorial, has been interested in his surroundings. He has unraveled the mysteries of nature and life, and has been trying to produce life in the laboratory."


"Today, he is master of the whole world, with the ability to modify the nature on a large scale and control it remotely."

Was she thinking of a remote control?


La said...

:D sanskrit translations are the funniest! my sanskrit guide was messed up too.

it ruins the language though, and makes you not like it very much. they should just leave it in sanskrit. sounds better and makes more sense that way. also people like frog-face must not be allowed to translate!

MM said...

OR write books, for that matter. :)

La said...

haha! yes...